Redundancy in the Cloud: The need for well-designed applications

Both AWS and Azure sell the idea of inherent high-availability and scalability within their cloud services.  Many companies bought into that idea and dove head-first thinking that, once in the cloud, the provider will provide the redundancy natively. With the recent AWS S3 outage many customers learned the hard way that this is not the … Continue reading Redundancy in the Cloud: The need for well-designed applications


AWS for the Enterprise

About a month ago I got my AWS Solutions Architect certification.  Sense then I have been working on a few projects with customers and their AWS deployments.  One thing that I have noticed is the lack of understand of what AWS is, and what it can offer the enterprise customer. By now I am sure … Continue reading AWS for the Enterprise

Explanation of Access Control Lists

Currently I am working on a project where I am going through and optimizing a large set of Access Control Lists (ACL) on a set of 5585 Firewalls.  While going through these massive lists I have noticed a few mistakes other engineers have made while configuring these rules.  I figured I might as well write … Continue reading Explanation of Access Control Lists